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Zika & Mosquito Control Plan

Post Date:08/03/2016 2:25 AM

Updated helpful link: Preventing Zika in your neighborhood

The Town is committed to providing it's residents and visitors with the most updated information regarding news and alerts pertaining to, or directly impacting our community.

As you are aware, the Center for Disease Control and the Florida Department of Health have issued travel, testing and other recommendations for people who traveled to or lived in the Florida-designated areas on or after June 15, 2016, the earliest known date that one of the people could have been infected with Zika.

At Florida’s request, CDC is also sending a CDC Emergency Response Team (CERT) with experts in Zika virus, pregnancy and birth defects, vector control, laboratory science, and risk communications to assist in the response. Two CDC team members are already on the ground in Florida, three more will arrived on Monday August 1st, and three (3) more yesterday, August 2nd.

The Town is following the Zika and Mosquito Control Plan implemented by Miami Dade County. Please click on the following links to learn more about Drain & Cover and Protection Against Mosquitoes.

The CDC recommends:

  • Pregnant women not travel to the identified area. 
  • Pregnant women and their partners living in this area should consistently follow steps to prevent mosquito bites and sexual transmission of Zika.
  • Pregnant women who traveled to this area on or after June 15, 2016, should talk with their healthcare provider and should be tested for Zika.
  • Pregnant women without symptoms of Zika who live in or frequently travel to this area should be tested for Zika virus infection in the first and second trimesters of pregnancy.
  • Male and female sexual partners of pregnant women who live in or who have traveled to this area should consistently and correctly use condoms or other barriers against infection during sex or abstain from sex for the duration of the pregnancy.
  • All pregnant women in the United States who live in or travel to an area with active Zika virus transmission, or who have sex with a partner who lives in or traveled to an area with active Zika virus transmission without using condoms or other barrier methods to prevent infection should be assessed for possible Zika virus exposure during each prenatal care visit and tested according to CDC guidance.  
  • Women and men who traveled to this area wait at least 8 weeks before trying for a pregnancy; men with symptoms of Zika wait at least 6 months before trying for a pregnancy.
  • Women and men who live in or frequently travel to this area who do not have signs or symptoms consistent with Zika virus disease and are considering pregnancy should consider the risks associated with Zika virus infection, and may wish to consult their healthcare provider to help inform their decisions about timing of pregnancy.
  • Anyone with possible exposure to Zika virus and symptoms of Zika should be tested for Zika.
CDC continues to encourage everyone living in areas withAedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus mosquitoes, especially pregnant women and women planning to become pregnant, to protect themselves from mosquito bites.  Apply insect repellent, such as those containing DEET or other EPA-approved products, to uncovered skin, wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants, use or repair screens on windows and doors, use air conditioning when available, and remove standing water where mosquitoes lay eggs.


For more information regarding the Zika virus, please visit the Florida Department of Health's website by clicking on the following link:

Contact the Florida Department of Health at 1 (850) 245-4444 or

Department of Health Daily Zika Updates

For more information on Zika virus, Florida residents and visitors can call 1 (855) 622-6735 or the Town's Public Works Department at (305) 234-4262.


Important Links and Documents 

For the Miami-Dade County Zika Virus Action Plan 2016, click here.

For the CDC Interim Zika Response Plan, click here.


Web Links to Information Resources:

Mosquito Control - Aerial spraying chart, Zika Virus Action Plan, Reporting Mosquito Nuisance online and associated links:

Department of Solid Waste Management (DSWM) home page and includes the aerial spraying statement from the Mayor: 

Florida Department of Health Zika Information:

Centers for Disease Control Press Material:

Centers for Disease Control Zika Key Messages:


Florida Department of Agriculture FAQs about Naled:


Videos & Public Service Announcements (PSAs) on Mosquito

Playlist of videos about mosquito control efforts:


For additional information, visit


Elimine los criaderos de mosquitos alrededor de su hogar.  Drene el agua estancada de cualquier recipiente donde se haya acumulado agua de lluvia o de riego. 

Mantenga los mosquitos fuera de su casa. Repare las mallas rotas en ventanas, puertas, porches y patios.

Para más información, visite


Dlo poze rale moustik vini. Pa bliye vide tout dlo poze ki deyò lakay ou.

Moustik se yon bèt ki anbetan epitou li kapab bay maladi. Pou ede nou fè yo kanpe lwen lakay ou, ranplase moustikè chire ki nan fenèt ak pòt kay ou.

Pou plis enfòmasyon sou kouman pou kontwole moustik, vizite sit:


Mosquito Control and Zika Flyers

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Mosquito Abatement Training

For the link to the Mosquito Abatement Training video that was held on Monday August 8, click here, for the Power Point Presentation, click here


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